Personal Care

The Problem

Soap. A product that many of us take for granted. Think how many times a day you wash your hands and don’t give it a second thought? In Kenya, this is not the case. Soap on the market is an extremely expensive resource, meaning that most families have no choice but to go without.

This is a particularly prevalent problem, as outlined in the agricultural solutions section, because many communities do not have access to hygienic toilets. What’s more, most people within the community cannot afford toilet roll meaning that they will clean themselves with leaves or even their hands.

This can cause the spread of horrendous diseases. Mothers go to the bathroom and then hold children’s hands. Children go to the bathroom and return to the classroom. Workers go to the bathroom and then eat their lunch with their hands. The scenarios are continuous. And without access to soap these diseases will continue to spread.


The Solution

We have taught our entrepreneurs how to Our entrepreneurs with some of their soapmake soap using nothing more than avocadoes, bananas and rainwater. We currently have two variations: solid soap and liquid soap (which is very popular with the younger generation).

This works particularly well in Kenya where there is an abundance of fruit that will often go to waste due to the saturation of the market. Our solution means that the entrepreneurs can often get the fruit which they use very cheaply and even for free.

We also provide our entrepreneurs with a full training pack so that they can educate their communities with the need for soap. We provide a leaflet which they can share so that SanEco customers know the instances when they should be using their soap to make sure that they can remain healthy.


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