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Who We Are

Enactus is a not-for-profit worldwide organisation, that enables progress through entrepreneurial action. Working with leaders in business and higher education, university students assist entrepreneurs across the globe. We aim to empower people to help themselves, applying business and economic concepts to improve the standard of living and quality of life of individuals and communities in need.

In 2012, our founder Tiqa, a student at the University of Southampton and member of Enactus Southampton, set up SanEco because she wanted to make a difference. Since then we have grown to a team of 17 diverse student volunteers studying everything from Environmental Sciences to Law. This diversity is what has enabled us to design all of our solutions as a team and will continue to help us grow the project.

Our Team

Rosie Maddren

Project Leader

Emma Taylor

Team Leader

PR Team

Jenny Taylor

Team Leader Personal Care

Adèle  Scott

Team Leader  Comfort & Protection

Jay Ham

Team Leader         New Product

Amy Gullett

Vice President International

Our Philosophy

We believe in a random distribution of potential and we want to help communities unlock this talent and skill. We also believe that everybody has the right to good sanitation hence why SanEco was born. Everyone deserves a fighting chance. We try to help give this chance. We don’t give aid because we don’t need to. Our entrepreneurs do not need hand-outs because they are incredibly gifted business people and therefore we provide them with loans and training. The rest of their success is entirely up to them. We present these communities with an opportunity but they are the ones that are saving lives. They then grow their own business to create sustainable solutions for their communities. We empower people but they change their own lives.

How We Do It

Every community is different; there are different cultures, different problems, different needs and so we cannot provide one standard solution and move it around the world (unfortunately!).

What we do is actually very simple; we ASK the communities what it is that they need. Our individual teams create needs assessments which ask basic questions which will hopefully identify if there is a problem we can solve. We currently partner with two fantastic NGO’s who translate and collect the answers from across their villages. Once we get them back, we collate the results and see if there is any way that we can help.

But it doesn’t stop there. We are in continuous communication with our communities to ensure that our entrepreneurs are happy and that our solutions are actually working. We send out annual impact assessments, which are very similar to needs assessments, but focus on what consumers like and dislike about our products and how much these products are improving their lives. We can then use this data to work out how much we are helping, and more importantly, how we can get even better!

We also have our annual trip to Kenya which really helps us to get to know our entrepreneurs and hear their opinions directly. This allows us to innovate on the ground; we don’t want our entrepreneurs to wait any longer than they have to and therefore we take immediate action.

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